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Escrow Page 1031 Exchange Order

What is Escrow?  The dictionary defines Escrow as "The deposit of deed, bond, monies, contract or other written agreements with a third person to be delivered to the grantee or promise or used only upon performance or fulfillment of set conditions."  In other words, escrow provides one central place where all funds and documents may be deposited, to be disbursed in accordance with the parties' instructions.

Jefferson Title Escrow Services offers you an experienced staff trained in real estate procedures. The process starts with an escrow agreement, and ends with your satisfaction.  We will provide a simple escrow agreement stating that we will hold the funds and documents until all parties agree they are to be released.  If the parties prefer to supply their own, we will work with a form from the parties.  As escrow agent, we will ensure your deposited items are secure.  We will be available before and at the time of closing to discuss any needs.  Arrangements for wires, deposits and recordings will be handled quickly, and accurately.

In the event substantial funds will be deposited for an extended period, we can establish a segregated account, with separate statements going to the each party with an interest.