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Title insurance helps to protect lenders and homeowners against major losses. Jefferson Title wants to make it easy for you to understand the various aspects of coverage involved in most transactions. While title insurance can be a very complex subject, an understanding of the basics can go a long way.

Below are some select terms to assist you in understanding title insurance.  We hope you find this information helpful. 

Abstract of Title - A summary of the conveyances, transfers and other facts appearing of record and relied upon as evidence of title to real property.

Chain of Title - A chronological list of documents comprising the record history of title to a specific parcel of real property.

Easement - A limited right or interest in the land of another entitling the holder to some use, privilege, or benefit.

Guarantee of Title - A form of title insurance based solely upon public record disclosures.

Title - The sum total of a person's right or the extent of his/her interest in real property.

Title Insurance - Assurance of indemnification for loss occasioned by defects in the title to real property or to an interest therein which is insured.

Title Policy - A contract indemnifying against loss resulting from a defect in the title to the interest or lien in real property insured.

Title Search - The assembled links required to complete a chain of title to a parcel of real property.

Quiet Title Action - The name of an action brought to establish a title to property or to remove a cloud on the title.